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Corporate BDS Information

photo of digital signage

Bobcat Digital Signs (BDS) is part of Texas State University marketing and communications services. BDS displays are deployed across campus at high visibility and student high traffic locations. They deliver location specific content, along with system-wide advertisements and University announcements. Forty slots, each 15 seconds in duration, are reserved for advertisements every hour. 

At this time, 66 signs are deployed in buildings including the LBJ Student Center and the Alkek Library, with more in the planning stages.

BDS creates advertising opportunities for corporate businesses. The purchase of an advertisement/information slot will run daily, every in multiple buildings from that building's open to close.

Advertising Content Specifications

BDS delivers ads or announcements to digital signs in student high traffic areas across campus. Signs have been installed in two display modes:

  • Landscape (horizontal)
  • Portrait (vertical)

As a result, each ad or announcement has to include two media assets so that it can be displayed in both types of orientations.  BDS will accept advertisements or announcements in both image and video files.

Images need to be submitted as .jpg or .png files. Landscape files must be 1920x1080 pixels. Portrait files must be 1080x1920 pixels.

Videos need to be submitted as .mp4files and should be 15 seconds in length. If possible, we recommend the use of a reduced frame rate such as 24fps. Dimensions for the files are Landscape: 1920x1080 pixels, Portrait: 1080x1920 pixels.


Advertising Content Guidelines

Advertisers agree to abide by the University‚Äôs Advertising Conflicts and Restrictions and grants TXST the right to review in advance, monitor and disallow all unreasonable advertisements that Provider affixes to and/or includes in its platforms if advertisements do not abide by TXST Restrictions.   Business categories and advertisements may not: glorify, edify, promote, or support the sale of alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, and e-cigarettes; display trademarks and or brand names of alcohol or illegal drug products or tobacco and e-cigarettes; contain material that is obscene or defamatory; be directed to incite or produce imminent lawless action. Final approval of all ad content resides with Auxiliary Services.