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Online Photo Submission Guidelines

Acceptable Photo

  • * Square 2"x2" photo in JPG format. Not over 2 MB size limit.
  • * Must be framed passport style: forward facing, head and top of shoulders in frame. (No full body photos)
  • * Photo should be taken against a plain white or off-white background, free of patterns, objects, textures, etc. (no trees, bricks, windows, grass, stairs, wood, doors, etc.)
  • * High resolution color photo that is not blurry, grainy, or pixelated. Do not submit photos in black & white, or a photo of another photo.
  • * Face the camera with your eyes open, head centered in the frame and not tilted. Wear a neutral expression or a natural smile. No hands can be touching the face or in the image.
  • * A photo alone in normal street attire with no hats, sunglasses, hand symbols, wireless hands-free devicess or pets in photo (religious head coverings are acceptable but it must not cover your face).
  • * Do not use any filters or special effects that would alter the photo.
  • * If you wear glasses, ensure there is no reflection and the frames do not obstruct your eyes.