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Meal Plan Add/Change/Drop Form

Please be aware that any changes University meal plans (150, 200 or 250 block plans) must be made by the 12th class day after each semester begins.  This is September 12, 2018 for the Fall semester and February 6, 2019 for the Spring semester.  After the 12th class day no changes will be allowed between University meal plans. 

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Commuter Meal Plans

Build your own meal plans designed for commuters are not sold by the University, but are sold from our dining service provider - Chartwells.  As a result these plans CANNOT be added to a student's bill (with tuition and fees).  These commuter meal plans MUST be paid for with a debit or credit card at the time of purchase. 

If you wish to purchase a commuter meal plan please do so here.

Please note that if you are residing on campus with a housing contract the commuter meal plan will NOT satisfy your meal plan requirement.

Important Requirements

I understand that I am requesting for ID Services to drop and/or change my current meal plan.  By submitting this form I acknowledge that I am not living on-campus and trying to drop a required University Meal Plan.  If it is discovered that I am required to have a University Meal Plan it is understood that the plan will not be dropped and I will receive an e-mail at my Texas State e-mail account regarding the inability to drop my meal plan.  Refunds are based on any over usage of the existing meal plan and will be applied to the dropped or changed meal plan.  Meal plans are pro-rated, meaning they are costed out each day, so any plan changes are based on the time frame of the change and any over-usage of the previous plan. The amount owed or refunded can be seen by logging into the student system and viewing your bill for the semester.  Refunds are issued by Student Business Services and any questions regarding those refunds should be handled through SBS at 512-245-2544.

The purchase of a Spring University meal plan is required in order to have meals roll over from the Fall. Build Your Own Commuter Meal Plans are not qualified to receive rollovers.