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Rollover Meals: How Do They Work?

1) Fall semester meal plans do not roll over unless one of the following resident meal plans is purchased in the Spring semester: 150 + $125, 200 + $100, or 250 + $75 (Commuter plans do not qualify to receive rollover meals).

2) Associated Government Legislation (effective Fall 2004) states that Dining Dollars must be exhausted in the semester they are purchased and do not roll over.

3) Enrollment is required and verified following the 12th class day of the Spring semester.

4) The rollover meals will be placed in the Rollover Meal Plan and activated the week following the 12th class day of the Spring semester.

5) Rollover meals will be available for use once all Spring semester meals have been exhausted.

6) Rollover meals will be deleted upon a withdrawal from the Spring semester.

7) There are no refunds of rollover meals.

8) All meal plan balances are forfeited at the end of the Spring semester.

For more information about meal plans, including rollover meals and Dining Dollars, visit the Chartwells website.

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